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ShenZhen Mottcell New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd as a professional lithium battery manufacturing national enterprises, brought together domestic lithium industry's elite talent, committed to providing customers with leading technology, first-class service.  

  core ShenZhen Mottcell New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd's enterprise culture is the responsibility. For employees, we should assume the responsibility of the house, we set up a charity fund, enough to help employees have difficulties; for shareholders, we should take the responsibility of management, we build a professional management team, occupation morality, and external audit mechanism perfect; for society, we donated the field of study, flood relief and environmental protection in poverty alleviation, do a lot of work for many types of public welfare donations, has made positive efforts for the construction of a harmonious society; furthermore, we assume that the development of the national pillar enterprises China lithium historical mission, we have brought together the domestic lithium industry elite, focused on the development of lithium ion battery industry; at the same time, we will from safety and environmental protection, increase input in research and development, to provide more efficient, safe, environmentally friendly products for the public; In the long term, we need to cross national boundaries, to promote their own sacred mission of human development and progress of the technology of lithium ion battery.  

ShenZhen Mottcell New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd will focus on new energy lithium in the high-end market, over industry talent, continue to focus on stronger, the mountain wood iron battery. We must become the Chinese lithium iron battery industry leader, leading the Chinese catch up with Japan and South Korea and other international counterparts lithium lithium battery power!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              &nbsp & nbsp; chairman Chen Mingjun;

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