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 August 31, sponsored by the lithium large data, by the electric big data, starting research co-organized by the "discovery trend to grasp the future" as the theme of "2016 third China lithium industry summit and lithium hundred enterprises search data conference" Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen Grand China was held.

          Ultra-400 national lithium industry chain in the field of CEO and leaders to attend, to explore the development trend of lithium industry, lithium industry to grasp the future trend of the new. Through industry interaction, to promote the industry chain upstream and downstream better cooperation for the Chinese lithium battery industry chain to bring greater breakthrough and beyond.



Summit scene

Power battery into the Three Kingdoms era after the war


Lithium large data CEO Li Zhenqiang

Lithium battery large data CEO Li Zhenqiang depth analysis of lithium new energy industry panorama, look at the status of lithium battery industry at home and abroad, from the battery, materials, investment and other industries in-depth discussion. In this summit, the lithium battery CEO Li Zhenjiang published "2016 first half of the lithium energy industry panorama analysis" keynote speech.

Li Zhenjiang pointed out that from the perspective of China's lithium battery competition, the overall size of the global Chinese lithium battery in 2015, the top 10 market concentration of 44.4%, the concentration is far lower than abroad. TOP10 only ATL one does not involve power battery. 5 for the pure EV battery business. In the EV market, TOP10 accounted for 62.9%, the concentration of 3C batteries relative to high. BYD, CATL share is much higher, in the first echelon. 2016 China EV lithium battery output value of 30.2 billion yuan, an increase of 153.8%. Of which the top 10 market concentration of 81.8%, compared to last year to enhance the concentration. The new 10 into the top of the battery, CITIC Guoan and BAK battery. Strong Hengqiang, BYD and Ningde era leading position to further highlight the share of the two close to 50%.

Li Zhenjiang predicted that by 2018 China's lithium-ion battery market will reach 96.11GWH, the next three years compound growth of 25%, EV to maintain more than 40% compound growth, while the ESS market is expected to burst in 2018.


Power battery war smoke everywhere, the overall valuation of lithium battery companies in short-term high, the number of cases compared to last year, a substantial increase in the number of mainstream power battery expansion to seize more market share. New entrants to push into the 2016 new power battery companies into more than 30; upstream materials companies are also expanding, but the overall expansion rate, production time and expansion scale is slower than the battery factory.

Looking at the development trend of new energy vehicles market, focusing on the development trend of new energy vehicles, Li Zhenjiang EV market trends to make a forward-looking summary: EV market now focus on the key words "expansion, security, mergers and acquisitions," and so on, Lithium enterprises to keep up with the trend, grasp the market context, in order to smoke in the future industry competition in the invincible.



Hai Xida power research and development director Dr. Zhou Jianxin


Hai Shida power research and development director Dr. Zhou Jianxin published "power battery new national standard on the lithium-ion battery industry," the keynote speech.

Dr. Zhou Jianxin pointed out that the new national standard has five major influence: First, help improve the standard system, improve market product quality. As a result of the policy support for the new energy automotive industry, power battery area highlights the profits in recent years into the field of battery companies a substantial increase. Second, to promote technological competition, the formation of survival of the fittest. Through the implementation of relatively more stringent, to guide the goal of technological progress, to achieve the survival of the fittest market competition atmosphere. Third, for enterprises to provide a unified measure for the supervision and management to provide technical support. Four is to benefit the domestic battery business. In policy support, the rapid expansion of China's new energy automotive market, power battery benefit is particularly evident. Five is to bring opportunities and challenges. The new national standard on the battery and system performance made more stringent requirements, cycle life, safety performance requirements made a big upgrade.


Tian Jin shares director Yang field

Tian Jin shares director Yang field in the meeting on the theme of the speech is "soft package power battery modular route to explore."

Tian Jin shares Yang field Bin pointed out that the design of soft package module to ensure that a large number of excellent and effective play in security to be protected. After forming the module, each module of the diversion row to form a heat conduction surface, this part of the battery through the surface, but also the heat concentration area, but also BMS precision detection area, it is the heat of the distribution surface. This is a cylindrical, square shell battery can not match. Modular design, but also changed our past after-sales maintenance practices. Aftermarket becomes simple, do module replacement, because our module is not only the structural parts of the integrated pieces, but also the product of information. Through the BMS detection, the module two-dimensional code information entry, let us easily and comprehensively grasp the power battery health, to ensure that the power battery safety, sustainable work.


Shan Mu new energy chairman Chen Mingjun

Hill wood new energy chairman Chen Mingjun published "graphene-based power battery R & D and industrialization" keynote speech.

Chen Mingjun pointed out that the future direction of the development of battery materials are: 1, the development of new ternary materials, China's existing ternary system for the nickel-cobalt-manganese system, its security and so on to be a breakthrough. Tesla used for nickel-cobalt-aluminum, the run of the data point of view has an advantage, highlighting the higher energy than the energy, better security. But China's nickel cobalt aluminum material has yet to be a breakthrough, the battery process to be summed up. Mountain wood is being developed. Stage products have been on the train. China's existing ternary mainly in the security aspects of the solution, the most is the problem of thermal runaway. 2, graphene battery, graphene battery called lithium air battery, the positive for the metal lithium, the cathode is graphene. Currently in the laboratory stage, large scale is still early, and coating is the key technology. 3, iron lithium technology reform, iron lithium is currently the most urgent need to solve the specific energy. Such as iron and lithium binary ternary road, such as lithium manganese phosphate lithium binomial (BYD), iron iron vanadium lithium (mountain wood), as well as lithium iron phosphate, which is a direction.


National Thousands of people plan experts, Jiangxi Buster sharp Power Co., Ltd. CTO Lin Jian

National Thousands of people plan experts, Jiangxi Best Speed Power Co., Ltd. CTO Lin Jian published a "power battery BMS core technology analysis - power battery health tips" keynote speech.

Lin Jian pointed out that the power battery health tips is SOP and SOC. BMS is the battery system of the brain, talk about the safety of the battery system without talking about BMS security --- headless flies; talk about BMS talk about security strategy --- limbs developed, simple-minded. Real-time online estimation greatly simplifies the calibration of the battery, making it less realistic for precise control of battery status. Whether it is a new battery or aging battery, can maintain high precision and superior error correction capability.


Hong Bao Technology Assistant Li Huaining

Hong Bao Technology Assistant Li Huaining published entitled "domestic power battery equipment can also be very high-end! "The keynote speech.


New energy power battery production equipment As a new energy power battery upstream industry, we need more opportunities to continuously improve the quality of equipment; as every Chinese people, we need more support and help the development of local enterprises in China ; To enhance the overall strength of the entire battery industry chain, to help China to achieve the corner overtaking.


Shenghong Technology R & D Center Manager Shi Shikun

Sheng-hong technology research and development center manager Shi Shikun made "high-precision PCB circuit board in the application of power battery," the keynote speech.

The following are the same as the "

Shi Shikun pointed out that high-precision PCB circuit board development prospects, in the "China Manufacturing 2025 key areas of technology road map" in the power battery, drive the motor and other key systems to the international advanced level in the domestic market share of 80%. To 2025, the formation of independent controllable integrity of the industrial chain, with the international advanced level of synchronization of new energy vehicles annual sales of 3 million, independent new energy automotive market share of more than 80%.

New energy vehicles pushed to the cusp tide rough tide


China Micro-electric vehicle industry technology innovation alliance deputy secretary-general Luo Huiming

China miniature electric vehicle industry technology innovation alliance deputy secretary general Luo Huiming published "2016 new energy automotive industry policy interpretation" keynote speech.

Luo pointed out that with the development of power battery market, battery life is short, frequent accidents, battery recovery difficult, performance degradation and other issues also constrained the further development of power battery business. Therefore, Luo Huiming suggested that enterprises should be "oriented to the market demand, safety priority, vertical, horizontal joint solid technical research, and more to participate in industry exchanges, do a good job market segments, and actively participate in the drafting and discussion of the standard, focusing on environmental protection and recycling, do not over-reliance on the government subsidy".


Shenzhen Zhuo Neng New Energy Co., Ltd. Vice President Deng Lunhao

Shenzhen Zhuo Neng New Energy Co., Ltd., vice president of Deng Lunhao to "18650 battery in the application of electric vehicles" as the theme and participants to discuss.

The following are the same as the "

According to the development of new energy vehicles and power batteries, Deng Lunhao based on market data to make predictions: the next few years, the fastest growing will be passenger cars, the annual growth rate of more than 60%, while the growth of commercial EV slow! The rapid development of electric passenger cars will drive the rapid growth of demand for ternary material batteries, and even the possibility of logistics vehicles, passenger car applications gradually become mainstream!



CATL Marketing Director Yang Qi

CATL Marketing Director Yang Qi published a "city logistics reliable power" keynote speech. Yang Qi pointed out that the power battery system accounted for half of the cost of electric vehicles, it is a direct decision on the quality of electric vehicles is good or bad. China's logistics industry is basically fighting the labor efficiency, operational efficiency, the cost of the Red Sea competition. The emergence of electric logistics vehicles can effectively reduce the cost of logistics enterprises, electric vehicles get unanimously optimistic about the line, the prospect is like a vast sea of stars. China's existing lithium battery more than 750 enterprises, of which more than 150 power battery companies, there are 57 enterprises to enter the national "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory. Compared with Japan and South Korea counterparts, China's power battery industry as a whole high dispersion. Electric vehicle users to choose the power battery is very difficult, need to practice a pair of fire eyes.


Beijing University of Science and Technology National Laboratory of electric vehicles Dr. Sun Liqing

Beijing University of Science and Technology National Laboratory Dr. Sun Liqing made a "electric car battery use and safety," the keynote speech, and the guests to discuss the current electric car battery safety issues.

On the current electric vehicle and related areas of technical problems Sun Liqing said: "Quality is the key to efficiency in the future, to ensure safety is fundamental, do a good job subsidies and services to make up for loopholes in order to eliminate potential black hole." Power system or fixed power system Power quality has a huge impact on electric vehicles, especially wind and photovoltaic and other unstable power supply, charging equipment and automotive power systems to bring great challenges. Safe battery is an important part of the safety of electric vehicles. Based on the liquid electrolyte of the battery, the safety of organic electrolytes is a big problem, inorganic liquid battery leakage there are security risks. The big trend is the use of monomer safety higher solid electrolyte batteries, but the kind of fire on the burned more than 10 minutes may explode the NCA battery, use to be careful. Not far from the future does not rule out the lithium iron phosphate line.

Material equipment assists innovation optimization and upgrading


Mingli shares chief engineer Wu Xiaohai

Mingli shares chief engineer Wu Xiaohai published "iron phosphate industry chain cross-border analysis" keynote speech. Wu Xiaohai pointed out that the lithium iron phosphate industry in the Three Kingdoms era, lithium iron phosphate industry production structure to be broken down, the front of the phosphate can be low-cost production of phosphorus chemical enterprises, and iron phosphate dehydration and lithium iron phosphate synthesis can be completed in energy companies.

The following are the same as the "

Three-element lithium battery has a high capacity advantage, in Tesla and other electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles have been given priority. However, the ternary material lithium battery intellectual property rights are mostly in the hands of Europe and the United States and Japan and Japan, and in addition to lithium, the other nickel, cobalt is China's scarce precious metals, coupled with three yuan battery case caused by high temperature oxygen explosion difficult to avoid The Therefore, iron and phosphorus raw materials rich and inexpensive, high temperature performance and stability of lithium iron phosphate battery, will become China's public transport, small passenger cars, large and medium-sized energy storage facilities of choice.


Billion Xinfeng marketing director Guo Wei

Billion Xinfeng marketing director Guo Wei published "2016 first half of the new energy industry, lithium battery analysis," the keynote speech. When it comes to the industrial era of 4.0, Guo Wei pointed out that the demand for domestic lithium battery equipment increased from 1.5 billion yuan in 2014 to 15 billion in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of over 40%. Power battery manufacturing is a technology, capital intensive industry, upstream and downstream enterprises should continue to learn advanced experience, increase the technology, capital investment, battery manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and materials manufacturers together, the industry needed common equipment To carry out joint development and production, in order to achieve power battery production line automation and intelligent. With the help of the China version of "Industrial 4.0" strategic planning "China made 2025" Dongfeng, in the multi-channel support, the introduction of key technology and equipment, so that enterprises in advance research and development, focus on research and upgrading to enhance the status of China's automated industrial equipment.


Bo Min Electronic shares project director Wang Qiang

Bo Min Electronic shares of the project director Wang Qiang published "PCB power battery module modular, automated trend" speech. When talking about the battery life, Wang Qiang pointed out that the electric endurance is the user to buy electric vehicles is a crucial measure, but look at the market before the introduction of a variety of electric vehicles, whether it is plug-in hybrid (PHEV) , Or pure electric vehicles, basically did not give consumers a "battery capacity" choice; battery modular approach can be timely and effective solution to such problems; modular is to solve a complex problem from top to bottom layer by layer The system is divided into several modules of the process, there are a variety of attributes, respectively, reflect its internal characteristics. There are several obvious trends in the modularity of the battery. First, the modularity of the battery is convenient for the parallel connection to improve the life of the battery. The second is that the monitoring of the safety performance will be more detailed and richer after the parallel connection of the battery string. Can be automated to solve production efficiency and reduce production costs; for electric vehicles not only help to improve life, but also improve the safety performance.


Zhejiang love Sibo PMP Yang Ming

Zhejiang Ai Sibo Yang Ming published entitled "high-capacity silicon-based lithium-ion battery prospects and opportunities" keynote speech. Yang Ming pointed out that the high-energy-density silicon-based lithium-ion battery has just begun, is the next 10 to 20 years of new energy vehicles, mobile electronic devices and many applications in the core technology and the future, industry upstream and downstream industry chain partners should jointly promote the silicon Lithium battery application development to improve human production and life. Ai Si Bo Hangzhou Science and Technology City supporting the future of small silicon factory building silicon-based lithium battery production line, has now received national support.

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