1, staff structure

Mountain wood research and development center was established in 2005, brought together domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery technology experts in the field of well-known. At present, the company has 216 technical staff, and the proportion of undergraduates is 83%. The core technical development personnel are more than 70 people, 3 are doctorates, and 24 are the core technology developers.

2, R & D investment

Since its inception, has been attached great importance to lithium iron phosphate battery technology research and development, in the cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries, flexible packaging lithium iron phosphate batteries, polymer lithium iron phosphate batteries and battery materials into a lot of money, the annual company The research and development of new products to more than 20 or more, the cumulative investment of funds reached 50 million yuan, of which 2007-2009 R & D spending of about 15 million yuan, accounting for 8% of the previous year operating income.

 3, research and development of experimental equipment

The United States maccor company high precision charge and discharge tester, X-RAY tester, DSC / TGA differential thermal analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, specific surface area analyzer, true density analyzer, BET surface area analyzer, Germany Unilab glove box, Gas phase Pu instrument, automatic titrator, moisture tester, digital viscometer, and so on.

4, the status of intellectual property

Our current patent application for the total of 47, of which 13 patents, utility model patents 10, the invention patent accounted for 56.5% of the total number of patents. Mainly in the positive and negative materials, battery structure, battery manufacturing process, electric vehicles and systems applications and so on.

5, the government honor

2006 in Shenzhen City Science and Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service, the Inland Revenue Department under the strict examination, the mountain wood company R & D center was named the title of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, 2009 was named the title of national high-tech enterprises in 2008, Of the eight million R & D funds for the development of high-tech lithium iron phosphate project.

 2009 research and development of lithium iron phosphate battery project won the Longgang District government high-tech project awards.

 6, cooperation agencies

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Huo Yingdong College, Shanghai Academy of Sciences Institute of Microsystems and a number of well-known experts and scholars and institutions.

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